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Stunning cottage in a beautiful location, definitely 5 star, thanks so much.

Michelle, Gareth and kids, Bedford

Excellent 5 star accomodation and setting. Hope to return again.

Mike and Bev, Plymouth


Regular updates about life at Sturston Hall...


Fabulous local food

After nearly two years at Sturston we’ve foraged the local area for some of the best local produce. There are fabulous suppliers for dining-in; superb butchers, bakers, (even a great candle-stick maker)….and delicious local ales – preferably by the barrel

We’ve come up with a list of the best, which guests at the Old Laundry have found useful. Here are just a few of our favourites for supplies at home:


There is great butchery in Ashbourne – all have good reputations - we use Mark’s in the Shawcroft carpark and always get great service.

Anthony Andrews – in Turnditch. He's tried rap music but is better at meat. Warm, delicately spiced sausage rolls, flaky pastry with those brilliant tasty chewy bits at the ends – well worth a journey. We love the belly pork stuffed with black pudding – delicious! Jamie Oliver would love the 'Turnditch Twizzler' - proper sausages.....

Stanedge Grange in Newhaven – half way to Buxton and a regular stop off en route to visiting family, this is a relative newcomer. Clearly love their animals, delivering top butchery & a beautifully marbled steak.

White Peak Farm Butchery, Tissington – hidden away in a back street of this beautiful village they create award winning sausages that are notorious (in a good way) in the local area.


The Loaf at Crich is a stand-out performer. They produce a wide variety of hand crafted breads and seem to supply every Derbyshire café and deli that is 'in the know'.

and to complete the rhyme…


On a Wick and a Prayer - Tissington.


Peak Ales – born in a barn on Chatsworth and supplying great beer to many local pubs and shops. We recommend Bakewell Best Bitter (renamed 'Barney’s Best Bitter' for his Christening – he’ll get to taste it one day) and Chatsworth Gold.

Thornbridge brewery – is one of Derbyshire's best kept secrets - crafted at Thornbridge Hall and in Bakewell, this is top class ale. Try 'Jaipur' – recommended by 'Uncle Nigel', who after 20+ years in the industry described it as one of his lifetime favourites and an 'absolute belter'. It's hard to disagree.




more to follow…..



Sudbury Hall

10 minutes drive from Sturston Hall to the fabulous Sudbury Hall. The kids had a ball in the woodland playground. They ran amok in the museum of childhood and the lovely staff helped Martha create a pumpkin puppet. She's not quite built up the courage to climb the chimney yet - we'll keep working on that one.


We had a great time collecting autumn treasures - acorns, chestnuts, leaves. The colours of the trees are startlingly beautiful - I recommend a visit before the leaves all drop!


Chatsworth farmyard

Had a fabulous day with the kids at Chatsworth farmyard - Martha spent hours in the sandpit with her cousin Emily - building sand pies and playing with archimedes screw. The playground is brilliant and Daisy almost wore the zipwire out!
There's a great variety of farmyard animals the kids can get close to - we were most impressed with 3-day old Bradley the donkey - don't think he'd quite learnt to ride a bike yet. 

We'll definitely go back soon....


Summer garden

Our first summer at Sturston Hall is looking fruitful – Potatoes are flowering, beans are climbing and the first strawberries are juicy! Have to admit we’ve had a little help encouraging them along.

The roses along the front of the house have come into bloom and are delightful, we get a beautiful waft of perfume as we walk through each day. The challenge is to stop 2 year-old Martha from picking them. I knew it was a mistake teaching her to behead the dandelions!

We’ve had some lovely evenings sitting outside with a glass of wine watching the sunset. We’re looking forward to sharing the garden with guests staying in the Old Laundry.